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Discontinuation of business operations

As the headline suggests, we have decided to cease operations and initiate the liquidation of Partsoft. The decision was not easy for us, but unfortunately we had the experience that today it has become almost impossible to make money with standard software.

However, we also have good news. Our programs will soon be available as freeware and will be privately developed by our CEO in the future. And our domain (Internet address) partsoft.de goes into private ownership and will continue to be accessible as usual.

For current information, we have opened a topic in our forum, there we keep you up to date and, of course, happy to answer your questions.

Welcome to Partsoft

Software is like sand at sea. Unfortunately, programs nowadays require ever faster computers with more and more memory, are often cumbersome to use, or packed with features that the user does not need at all. Most applications are only available for Windows.

We have founded Partsoft to provide private and small-sized business users with easy-to-use software that does not require much computer power or disk space, and is available to all major operating systems.

We offer you our products as favorably as possible, without telephone support. If you need support, our support forum is available, which you can of course use completely free of charge.

In addition to our standard software, we also offer tailor-made solutions for your company, for further information, please refer to the individual programming page.

New Software

Snapper is a small tool for taking screenshots, which we have released under the LGPL license (Open Source). Snapper comes with a simple interface, but differs from similar applications in that it can be completely automated in the background.

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Since Qt 5.6, Digia does not provide any pre-compiled version for 32-bit Linux. Since we are developing our software with Qt and our users are also not very interested in the 32-bit versions for Linux, we do not provide 32-bit versions for Linux for our programs as of 2017. Our budgetary book Money 2016, as well as the Password Manager 2016, are not affected by this and will of course continue to receive updates!