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Individual programming

At Partsoft, we not only develop standard software, but also offer you tailor-made solutions for your company if required. We support you during the entire development process, starting with the recording of the current situation, the elaboration of a suitable concept, as well as the development and commissioning of the software. By arrangement, there is also the possibility that we can expand and maintain your existing software.

For the individual programming of your software, we prefer to work with the Qt framework, which is based on the C ++ programming language. This has the advantage that your future application has a very high performance and can run on practically all operating systems. In addition, switching to another DBMS (Database Management System) for database-based applications is possible at any time without any problems.

By the way, our software (and every update, no matter how small) is meticulously tested before delivery, which largely rules out errors.

If we have piqued your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.