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Carb Calculator

Carb Calculator is an app for calculating carbohydrates and was mainly developed for diabetics. Also on board is a list of over 400 foods, which is of course constantly being expanded.

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Help Editor 2021

Help Editor 2021 is an authoring system for creating help files in various formats. Add any number of pages to your project and simply edit them in WYSIWYG mode. You can then generate the finished help file with a single click of the mouse. Our software creates help files in Microsoft CHM *, HTML, PDF * and QCH (Qt Compressed Help) formats, and other file formats are planned for future program versions.

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Money 2023

Money 2023 is an easy-to-use budgetary book designed primarily for home users. During the development of the software, we have paid particular attention to the fact that you can record your bookings as quickly as possible and always have an accurate overview of your current financial situation. You can divide your income and expenses into any categories, making the evaluation even easier.

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Password Manager 2016

With Password Manager 2016, unsafe or forgotten passwords are a thing of the past. The tool creates as many passwords as you like and stores them in an encrypted file. The only password you need to remember in the future is the so-called "master password". This is necessary to access your file.

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Snapper is a small tool for taking screenshots, which we have released under the LGPL license (Open Source). Snapper comes with a simple interface, but differs from similar applications in that it can be completely automated in the background.

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Yummy 2017

Do you still use cookbooks in printed form or do you have a loose card collection with your favorite recipes? With our recipe management Yummy 2017 you bring order to your collection. Recipes can be easily captured and quickly retrieved using the search function.

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