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Snapper is a small tool for taking screenshots, which we have released under the LGPL license (Open Source). Snapper comes with a simple interface, but differs from similar applications in that it can be completely automated in the background.

To run Snapper in the background, the program can be called with the following Parameters:

snapper -silent [-window] filename

  • if the -window parameter is specified, a screenshot of the current window will be taken instead of the desktop (only available under MS Windows)
  • the file name must be the complete path, incl. file Extension

The file extension determines the format under which the screenshot will be saved. Currently the following extensions are possible:

  • png
  • jpg
  • bmp

Windows screenshots and downloads

exe Snapper (Windows) 1.0.01 HOT

Snapper für Microsoft Windows

(Lauffähig unter allen aktuellen Windows-Versionen, einschließlich Windows 10)

License GNU/LGPLTooltip Date29-04-2016 System  Windows File Size 25.1 MB Download 214 Download



Snapper was programmed in C ++ and requires Qt5. Qt and more information can be found here.

zip Snapper (Quellcode) 1.0.01 HOT

Snapper Quellcode

(C++ Quellcode inkl. Dokumentation, benötigt Qt5)

License GNU/LGPLTooltip Date29-04-2016 System  Siehe Beschreibung File Size 161.84 KB Download 223 Download


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